Humans are funny creatures, aren’t they?

When we are young, we want to be older. When we become older, we would give anything to be young again.

Some want to be famous, then they crave anonymity and privacy.

We can’t wait for summer to come, only to complain about the heat and declare that we can’t wait for cooler days.

When we become parents it’s no different. We run from baby milestone to milestone as if racing with time.

I can’t wait for him to lift his head.

This teething period is doing my head in, I can’t wait for it to pass.

Urgh, I can’t wait for him to start walking on his own, my back is killing me.

This kid runs everywhere! My legs hurt!

We’re going through the terrible twos. It’s so difficult. I wish it would pass.

Sounds familiar? This was me moaning unceasingly every time things got difficult. And, I guess it’s normal to some extent. Nobody likes going through challenging times. You are taken out of your comfort zone and all you want to do is to get back where it’s nice and cosy. So you wish for time to pass. You rush for tomorrow.

But rushing for tomorrow, I lost today!

Life is hectic, don’t we know it. Sometimes we want to jump into the future so we can skip the tough parts. But we forget that we’d also skip some good parts. A cheeky smile, a slobbery kiss, little arms looking for a warm hug, a funny face. It’s only a moment, but if we are too busy rushing we’ll miss it for good.

We postpone experiences, we postpone expressing our feelings, we put our desires on hold believing that time will wait for us and our hesitations. So we rush. Days go by, then months and years. And we find ourselves saying:

Where has the time gone? I wish I had taken more photos of my child!

I wish I had hugged him more.

I wish I had told him more stories.

I wish I had gone to the park more often.

I wish we had jumped in puddles more.

I wish we had danced more.

I wish we cuddled more.


We are so distracted by the future that we ignore the present!

And isn’t that a shame! But I suppose it’s somewhat part of human nature. It takes the conscious realisation that time doesn’t return and if we don’t appreciate the present with all its experiences, good or bad, we will be left full of regrets later on.

I have an intense admiration for people who take their time to enjoy today. They take things as they are and never rush for tomorrow. How wonderful for them. It’s something I am aiming for and, even though I do tend to wish for better times when the going gets tough, I make an effort to stop and really experience all of it.

Let’s consider a gloomy situation: you know that you only have a month to live. What would you do? What is your bucket list? (click here to read The Final Notice- a personal kind of bucket list). You’d probably want to spend every waking moment with your loved ones. And not just spend those moments together but really, really breathe in the moment through all your pores.

Fortunately, most of us have more than a month left but we act as if we have eternity. As soon as we realize that our time is limited and we stop this insane rush for tomorrow, we can really start appreciating the present.

Humans are funny creatures, aren’t they? Don’t they know that time passes over them with no intention of coming back?

Don’t rush for tomorrw but live for today!